How many of you remember the last time when you got an e-mail or a whatsapp greetings from someone. Come on its so common now a days, I do it, u do it, everbody does that. So what’s the difference?

But if someone gives you a personalised hand written note that would be a totally different affair…. U would feel nostalgic, keep the note safe , express a warm gratitude towards him and remember him for your lifetime. Now that’s what u call the power of hand written note.


In the bygone era hand written notes were kings affair. People at that time were not educated, only the riches were allowed to study.

Long distance communications between 2 kingdoms were travelled through the messenger in the form of hand written notes.

Those days india was known as “sonekichidiya” i.e the golden bird because of the fabulous wealth. Hand written notes had beautiful miniature art painted on it that celebrated the beauty of  peacocks, elephants, palaces and birds.

Miniature paintings are beautiful handmade paintings, which are quite colorful but small in size. The paintings were painted with extremely fine brushed made by insertind just a few strands of squirrels tail hair in to brd feathers.The colours were extracted from certain minerals, plant sources, conch shells, and were even derived by processing precious stones. Gold and silver are also used.Then the hand written note was sealed with a real golden stamp depicting the royalty and prosperity.


The notes were so beautifully hand paintedand written that it even brought the cold wars to an end. This was the power of hand written notes.

king used to share the compassion for his most beautiful queen by a personalized hand written note.

Even Today years later no festival in the family is complete without sweets and hand written notes.


 So this Christmas make someone feel special and give them a personalizedhand written note as a gesture of love, friendship and thanks giving.