I still remember Last Summer when my dadaji. Grandfather bought a box full of mangoes. In India Summers are to devour the juicy mangoes indeed. Dadaji and I both agree to it.  My mother filled a huge tub with water and let the mangoes sink in to let my siblings and cousins to enjoy. Dadaji and i have a fun way to enjoy mangoes that is to suck out the pulp and juice.


 My grandfather used to live in a village with minimum amenities where he had grown up and outshined himself.He used to keep on telling me stories about the village people and their lifestyle.


My dadaji told it all started when mango boxeswas transported through the camel. I was like REALLY! Camel transportation.


Centuries ago camel was the only means of transportationin rajasthan.It also provided milk for the family. Camel herders loved their animal and had an emotional attachment with them. Eventually when the camel died naturally, it was a hard time for the family to cope up emotionally.


Eventually people started involving themselves in the making of bone inlay furniture using camel bone. In this way they could remain close to favorite animal and always stay connected with it.


This meticulous skill has passed over through generations. The pieces of camel bone were hand-carved into delicate shapes then those pieces were fixed onto a wooden furniture frame in intricate patterns.Lastly the base was filled with the colored resin.


Meanwhile I finished with my 2 mangoes already it was the time to grab a big piece of bite. My cousins and my siblings already came up and we all enjoyed a laid-back summer evening. While I could see the sun lowering down the hill and reducing the heat waves.